our roots - Make the world a better place

After a couple years of traveling abroad, we found ourselves back at home with a desire to connect the world. What can we create that will make the world a better place? How can we add value to the world that seems divided by stereotypes and biases? 


The human experience

Rather than focusing on the opinions that differ from person to person, 1HM celebrates the unifying factor that each of us are answering the same questions that are at the core of the human experience.


1HM is born

1Hundred Marbles: Each of us are made up of 100 marbles. 99 of those are what make us unique/different. The 1 left over is what ties us all together: Questions. 


The divide / The problem

As humans, we are focused on what makes us different and far to often we allow biases and stereotypes to divide us.



What is happiness? What is love? How do you define success? What is goodbye? These 4 questions are a part of the human experience. Whether it's an internal conversation or a late night talk with close friends around a campfire, these questions are deeply rooted in all of us.