IMPORTANT QUESTION: Is there any monetary compensation for my photo if it is selected for this project?

A: The only compensation promised to selected photographers who have their photo(s) published in the book are through our "Direct Engagment" promise. This promise guarantees that we will publish your name, country, and one form of social media or your website on the page your photo is published. In short, there will NOT be any monetary compensation of any form if you are selected and your photo(s) is used. 


Every photographer will:

  1. Receive a response to one of our questions from a person with a different country of origin. 
  2. Compete against other photographers from their country who received the same response in order to be published in the book.
  3. Selected images will be published on the same page as the response with the following information about the photographer:
    1. Full Name
    2. Country of Origin
    3. One link to either social media platform or website
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